INNOVATE4CLIMATE (I4C), hosted by the World Bank Group, is an annual global conference on climate finance, climate investment and climate markets. It attracts leaders focused on transformative and innovative action on climate change. Launched in 2017, I4C is designed to bring together thought leaders interested in linking climate innovation with investment opportunities – transforming dialogue into action.

Five years after the Paris Agreement, countries are now preparing to submit their newly revised Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). In the post-2020 framework, I4C will be a key to drive the climate action conversation, especially concerning the mobilization of climate finance and the architecture of carbon markets.

The World Bank takes an approach it calls “Maximizing Finance for Development” and aims to harness the power of everyone in the room to unlock climate finance. It involves redefining the approach to development finance, by leveraging the private sector in ways that optimize the use of scarce public resources. The financing needs are monumental but so are the opportunities in climate action.

In its first three years, I4C has positioned itself as the preeminent global event on climate change action and has built a reputation for high quality technical knowledge sharing.

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